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Our fundraising program is designed to make your sales easy, fun and profitable. Our socially responsible fair trade coffee is a great way to raise funds while directly helping the farmers that grew the coffee.

Two Sales Method

1. Direct - Purchase products in advance and re-sell them

2. Pre-Sell (brochure) - No up front money required - a simple and real easy way to raise funds. Sell our products in advance from our brochure; collect money and tally up all your purchases. Once completed, you will then purchase from us what you have already sold.

You can sell using our labels, or at no additional cost, you can have a co-branded label made up.

Co-Branded Labels – We can add your logo and message to each coffee label using our co-branded label template. There are no set up fees and turn around times to develop your label are about 5-7 business days. 

Our Promotional & Marketing Kit – this kit includes flyers, brochures, product selling points, a coffee brewing guide, fair trade posters, handouts and more. This kit is free with more materials available upon request.